Natural Homemade Face Scrub – Learn How to Make

natural homemade face scrub


Our blog is all about natural cosmetics. We believe that chemical cosmetics are more harm than good over the long run…


They promise quick fixes, but at a high cost.


So you’ve got to be conservative. You’ve got to pick products that lack in synthetic chemicals.



Prices Too…

Store scrubs are good, but they’re a little expensive.


If you want effective facial care on a budget, you’ve got to go natural.


So below, we’ll provide you 4 natural recipes you can use to exfoliate your face. The recipes are mild, and not damaging to your face.


And they’re easy to prepare in the comfort of your kitchen!



Natural Homemade Face Scrub Recipes


Green Tea + Coconut Scrub

Green tea is one of the most nutrient rich leaves in the world. And coconut oil is one of the healthiest in its class.


You’ll naturally find them a lot on any health blog. And when it comes to facial care, green tea doesn’t disappoint too!


Combined together, they make a sugar scrub. This not only exfoliates your skin, but it also replenishes it with nutrients.


Also, green tea is an anti-inflammatory. So you can use it to treat scars and blemishes on your face.


And with coconut oil, you’re not just exfoliating your face. You’re also adding a beautiful shine to it!



You’ll need the following ingredients…

  • 2 bags of green tea.
  • ½ cup of coconut oil.
  • 1 cup of white sugar.


Add the previous ingredients to a bowl. Mix the ingredients together, (or just use a blender for a faster effect).


After mixing, add the mixture to an air-sealed container. Use when ready!



Blueberry + Honey Scrub

Another odd combination that you’ll find on many health websites.


They’re both complementary ingredients with excellent benefits for your face.


To start, honey is an excellent facial cleanser. And it also has a calming effect, specifically for sensitive skin.


Blueberries contain Vitamin C and a ton of anti-oxidants. Adding those helps you kill bacteria on your face, while providing anti-inflammatory properties.


Through blueberries, you can efficiently treat zits and blemishes.



You’ll need the following ingredients…

  • 1 teaspoon of superfine sugar.
  • 1/3 cup of blueberries.
  • 2 tablespoons of honey.


This isn’t exactly a recipe that’s good after storage. So we recommend using it right after preparation.


Start by washing then mashing the blueberries into a bowl. After mashing, add in the sugar and honey, then mix thoroughly.


Again, you can also use a blender here.


After mixing, apply to your face and keep on for 15mins. You can also apply it to your neck too (highly recommended).



Cucumber + Coconut Oil Scrub

As you can see, we include many coconut oil recipes here. So you should consider it a staple facial cleanser by now…


Coconut oil is an excellent exfoliator for your skin. It’s not fast-acting to the point of reddening your face. And it leaves a nice glimmer after its does its role.


Now, cucumber might seem like an odd choice. But it really is effective in leaving your skin silky and smooth.


We all know the stereotype of women sitting in hair salons with cucumber on their eyes. Well, that stereotype doesn’t come from nothing…


And this recipe will prove it.



You’ll need the following ingredients…

  • ¾ cup of chopped cucumbers.
  • ¼ cup of coconut oil.
  • 1 cup of superfine white sugar.
  • Some basil leaves.


After chopping and washing the cucumbers, stick them into a blender. Mix thoroughly, then empty the contents into a bowl.


Add in the sugar, the basil, and then the coconut oil. Whip everything thoroughly, or you can add the mixture back into the blender again.


This recipe has a long life, of up to 2 weeks. Just be sure to store it in a cold area.



Citrus + Coconut Oil Scrub

Lemons are what you’ll use here. But grapefruits are also welcome.


Lemons and grapefruits are some of the strongest fruits you can put on your face. Not only are they moisturizing, but they also contain a lot of Vitamin C.


You’ll be exfoliating your skin, while destroying bacteria in the process.


And you also have the bonus of a nice citrus smell, after you’re done applying the scrub!



You’ll need the following ingredients…

  • 2 small lemons (or a similar sized portion of grapefruits).
  • 1 cup of cane sugar.
  • 1 teaspoon of peppermint extract/oil.
  • ½ cup of coconut oil.


Add all ingredients into the bowl (except the sugar and lemons).


After that, stir thoroughly, then squeeze the lemons into the bowl. Keep stirring.


Add in the sugar, continue stirring until everything is mixed up.


Now you’re free to apply the recipe!


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