Shea Butter Benefits for Hair

Shea Butter Benefits for Hair


Shea butter is a key component in many shampoos and hair conditioners.


It’s a nutrient-rich product, and provides many benefits (for both hair and skin).


If you plan on using Shea butter as a natural cosmetic, then you’ve got to know its benefits. This is something we’ll help you out with.


Below, we’ll mention 5 benefits of Shea butter for your hair! The benefits are numerous, and they’ll turn Shea butter use into a habit!


Shea Butter Benefits for Hair

It is a Moisturizer.


If you suffer from dry scalp problems, you can always use Shea butter. She butter seals the moisture in your scalp, and prevents it from escaping.


The moisturizing effect is excellent for inflamed skin. It’s also good for itchy scalps, where too much itching may lead to lots of hair fall.


The fat content also has a nourishing effect on the skin. And it’s an excellent substitute, in case your scalp isn’t creating enough oil.


But the moisturizing effects don’t just apply to your scalp. They also apply to your hair too!


Shea butter contains high levels of Vitamins A and Vitamins E. This helps restore the silkiness of your hair, in addition to fixing hair breakages!



It Protects Your Hair From Damage.

Shea butter protects your hair from environmental effects. Specifically dry weather and excess heat. This is due to the moisturizing properties mentioned previously.


Also, after coating your hair with the butter, you’ll receive protective effects that ensure your hair doesn’t dry out or break.


But also, shea butter protects your hair from ultraviolet rays. It has a low SPF rating, which makes it a good natural sunscreen for your hair!


Finally, the sealant properties of Shea butter guards your hair from salts and chlorine. So it’s a useful compound to use before a swim or shower!



It Helps You Deal With Rough Curly Hair.

Shea butter is moisturizing, but it’s also a non-greasy compound.


This lack of greasiness helps you control the oil secretion in your scalp. And it helps you straighten out rough curls (which are prone to breakage).


Through Shea butter, you can make your hair more silky and smooth. Thus, you’ll find that it’s a highly effective natural moisturizer too!


Simply use it 2-3 times a week, and you’ll receive effects stronger than those in chemical conditioners!



It Accelerates Scalp Wound Recovery.

Got some bad wounds on your scalp? If you do, consider applying some Shea butter.


Those wounds could be caused by anything, from an accident, to being too rough with your scalp! Shea butter contains phytonutrients, healing up cuts, wounds, and abrasions quickly.


Shea butter also improves cell repair mechanisms. This improves microcirculation across your scalp, and ensures that nutrients are spread across your head and hair faster!



It is an Effective Replacement for Chemical Hair Products.

The sheer amount of benefits you get from Shea butter makes it an excellent replacement to shampoos and conditioners.


Even hair creams become useless with Shea butter around!


And the best part is that it’s safe, and you know what you’re putting into your hair. You don’t have to worry about uncounted ingredients.


The butter you use is simply natural and pure!



It’s an Alternative to Natural Hair Products!

Natural hair products, such as coconut oil or avocados, might not be available where you are!


But no worries! This inconvenience can easily be solved with Shea butter as an alternative. It provides similar effects to vital natural hair products.


And it’s also easier to store and use!



Storage Advantages of Shea Butter.

Speaking of storage, Shea butter has a long shelf life. It can last you (with appropriate conditions) for about 2 years…


Increasing the shelf life of Shea butter has some odd advantages too! You see, some manufacturers will add Vitamin E to Shea butter, to increase shelf life.


And as mentioned before Vitamin E has excellent effects on your hair!


To store Shea butter, you need to place it in an air-tight container, in a cold environment. A fridge is your best bet for storage.



Final Tips When Purchasing the Product.

When buying Shea butter, you want the raw version that hasn’t been through refinement.


Refined Shea better uses bleach, and is filled with chemicals. For obvious reasons, this is harmful to your hair and scalp.


To check for unrefined Shea butter, make sure you buy from a company that is green in its ethics. Also, ensure that the company respects and follows production ethics and fair trade policies.


Finally, smell the Shea butter before you buy it. Raw Shea butter has a nut-like earthy scent to it. This’ll help you tell mass produced harmful versions from natural variants!


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