The Benefits of Water Only Hair Washing

The Benefits of Water Only Hair Washing


Are you on a journey to drop the use of shampoos and conditioners? If yes, keep reading!


Comercial shampoos and conditioners are harmful to your hair. They contain lab chemicals sacrifice longevity for quick effects.


So dropping shampoos and conditioner should be on your list. Your hair will love you for doing so!


We’ll talk more about that below…

If you want to use them, learn how to make natural shampoos and conditioners.


Water Only Washing – There More to It.

Water only washing isn’t exactly “water only.”


Technically, you’re using your hair’s natural oils too in the process!


You are conditioning your hair with the natural oils that your scalp produces. And those natural oils are made specifically by your body, for your hair.


You now don’t need to worry about unnecessary harmful chemicals in your hair. You don’t need to worry about your scalp’s pH changing.


You don’t need to worry about irritating your scalp.


The Benefits of Water Only Hair Washing

It Eliminates Dry Hair Problems.

Dry hair is a genetic problem for many people out there.


You hair may be curly and too dry, where you’d think that extra conditioner is necessary. In fact, most of your hair care routine may revolve around just moisturizing your hair!


But you have to note that hair dries when you use shampoos. Shampoos eliminate the natural oils in your hair. And so they contribute to the problem.


When doing water only washing, you’ll find a great change. Your hair will become smoother and silkier.


You won’t need to use conditioners anymore, which is a plus. You won’t have to worry about needing a moisturizer for optimal results!


Your hair also tangles less. It doesn’t break as often as it would if your hair was dried excessively.



Your Hair Care Routine Becomes Simpler

Your hair care will center around 1 thing – spreading your natural oil hair.


You want your natural oil hair to spread to the tips of your hair strands. And to do that, you’ll be doing some massaging to your hair.


You must also preen and scratch your scalp a bit. This’ll get the oils out of your scalp, spreading them to the rest of your hair.


So as you can see, there are no chemicals required.


The routine is simple, and you can literally do it anywhere. You could do it at home, at work, or even on a bus!


In fact…



Water Only Washing – Makes Travelling Easier

An odd benefit to mention, but it’s an important one.


Maybe your job requires you to travel often. Or, maybe you just enjoy travelling as a past-time.


Regardless, travelling is nerve-wracking if you use chemicals for hair care. It means you need to spend time packing the right shampoos and conditioners before setting off.


And in case you forget your items, you’re out of luck. You now need to scout cosmetic stores, looking for items you use.


Or similar items with unguaranteed effects.


All of those problems are eliminated with water only washing. All you need is a comb (at most), and a little massaging for your hair care.


Do note that the previous problems also apply to commuters. Your work hours maybe long, where you may not have time (and space) to care for your hair.


Your job conditions may even be out of city, where only nature will keep you comfortable.



(A Weekly Water Only Hair Care Routine).

We now get to the part about your daily washing routine. For that, you’ll need the following…

  • Boar Bristle Brushes.
  • Your Fingers.


This hair care routine has 2 purposes. The 1st is to spread your scalp’s oils to your hair. And the 2nd is to clean excess oils from your scalp.


Start off by scritching your scalp, getting the excess oils out. This process also helps you get rid of dead skin cells.


After scritching out the excess oils, preen them down your hair. Take a few strands at a time, and gently spread the oils down.


After the preening process, use your brush to spread any leftover natural oils. The brush will also help you untie hair tangles, vital before a shower.


The oils you just spread will protect your hair during the shower. It’ll ensure that the water doesn’t dry them up or break them.


Next, it’s time to shower. Wash your scalp gently. Use scratching motions to clean out your scalp.


Use lukewarm water. Too hot water may damage your hair (in addition to being unpleasant).


Finally, use cold water to fully rinse your hair. Dry gently with a towel, and this is your wash routine for the week!


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